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Heres what i want gentlemen

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Heres what i want gentlemen

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Because you need to do better.

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You need just enough fine footwork to be able to confidently hold the floor, for a romantic dance or two, with your better half.

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A gentleman knows how to cook Being able to prepare one good, full meal should be the bare minimum. Is the new-wave playboy the pinnacle or the man who aims to channel the stiff upper-lipped charm of a protagonist in a Victorian novel? The only time they are acceptable are when a they involve Father Christmas or b a woman has had a questionable visit to a hair salon.

Confidence: James Bond at his best, strong and admirable minus any of the questionable s sleaziness. What exactly this entails is up for heated debate.

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For a lady, a gentleman always offers his seat and opens the door This time-honoured gentlemanly gesture has become problematic in the modern world. Here are ideas on how you should treat women better. A gentleman has a firm handshake and always makes eye contact Weak grips and averted gazes are huge no-nos when one gentleman meets another. Apologize without qualification and then go away.

Reply promptly, and be sure to bring the party when you arrive. Show us in your day-to-day life, not in your self-congratulatory social media.

These are the best insults you can give while remaining a gentleman… Trends come and go, as do some friends and some lovers, but one thing that remains constant is the notion that men should aspire to be gentlemen. As the old adage goes: never judge a book by its cover accept Jilly Cooper novels with bottoms being pinched, you pretty much get what you see there. A gentleman never tells No gossiping, spreading scandalous rumours or running others down.

Because you need to do better. These also apply to how to better treat transgender and non-binary people, who are in more danger than cis women.

The voices of weinstein’s accusers have torn the fabric of patriarchy | naomi wolf

Your buddy is your responsibility, so say something and intervene. You only get what you give, and rightly so. Be it a date, business lunch, genttlemen catch-up with friends, be the first to offer to pay the bill.

Maybe even refuse the spot! You may be left shivering in the elements, but you can enjoy the warm glow of altruism emanating from your very core. Say it looks wonderful, and move on. A gentleman helps any woman with her baggage Woman, man, dog — if a gentleman spots any living being struggling with something heavy he immediately offers assistance. If you suspect later it may have been a body, best to call the appropriate authorities.

Men, you want to treat women better? here's a list to start with

Different times. Standing out in the rain two hours later waiting for her bedroom light to go off: not so gentlemanly. Pay women as much as you pay men.

If a woman is really drunk, she cannot consent to you and she also cannot consent to your buddy who seems to be trying something. See also, chopping onions. Congratulations, you were baseline decent. Liars are bad eggs full stop. Involve women in your creative projects, then let them have equal part in them. A gentleman means what he says and says what he means No doublespeak, no having to read between the lines — while never being rude or insensitive, a gentleman finds a tactful way to be open about tentlemen thoughts and feelings.

20 things that make a man a gentleman

Trust and believe women. A gentleman knows the difference gdntlemen confidence and arrogance Arrogant: Simon Cowell when his contestant gets through to the final and he can barely contain his self-satisfied grin. A gentleman constantly proves that chivalry is not dead Not dead, but evolved. Better still, find the waiter, and settle it before it even comes to the table.

A gentleman never judges Fast judgements say more about the person making the judgement, than those being judged. Be aware of your inherent power in situations and use it to protect women, especially via talking to other men.