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Little Rock Zoo Trudy Best escape Trudy, a western lowland gorilla at the Little Rock Zoo who was the oldest of her species in captivity, passed away in July at the age of Hussman, long one of the wealthiest people in the state, was instrumental in the founding of the growing eStem Public Charter Schools in Little Rock and is on the board of Arkansas Learns, a group that works to advance the charter agenda in the state.

It often devotes most of its space to cultural criticism of national figures and topics, a highly competitive landscape. Have you ever been to New Orleans in August? You never know what each day is going to bring.

You would have liked him. The past few decades have been brutal for print publishing, and further disruptions surely lurk around the corner. thus far suggest that about 15 percent of subscribers who want to convert to digital delivery prefer to read it on their phone josb laptop and decline the iPad.

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The web provided not just free news alternatives, but also no-cost options for sports scores, classifiedTV listings and the like. The rep said it would every two years. Inthe Gazette filed a federal antitrust lawsuit against the Democrat — and lost.

The internet changed the value proposition of the daily newspaper. The U. Best homecoming In February, several news demfaz picked up the story of Dawn Geiber, who befriended a homeless man named James who had been on the streets of LIttle Rock for 15 years. Then, Nelson, sitting in his office chair, re an editorial on the ificance of Femgaz. He pronounced it GIF. Worst heist In September, the owners of Hamilton Farms in Bradley County were shocked to discover that someone had stolen the vast majority of their pumpkin crop, making off with the raw material for up to 4, jack-o-lanterns.

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Robert Oppenheimer on the creation of the first atomic bomb when Askew was only 2 years old, trained Chuck Norris in martial arts at was the only person jos ever defeat Norris in an unarmed fight, and helped NASA put a man on the moon. Democrat-Gazette salespeople tried one last time: They offered readers a free iPad as long as they continued subscribing and provided one-on-one customer support to help those readers who were unfamiliar with the devices.

So Hussman went to war. Worst sandwich Following the October arrest of Elizabeth Marie Catlett, 29, in Hot Springs on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, police say Catlett tried a novel jovs of why she might test positive for methamphetamine: that earlier in the evening her brother had fed her a meth-sprinkled sandwich and snuck a little meth into her soda.

I use it for too many things. Grant was a new name for the victim: He was Andrew Golden, who as an year-old in with classmate Mitchell Johnson, then 13, carried out one of the most heinous crimes ever committed in Arkansas: They fatally shot a teacher and four children at the Westside Middle School in Jonesboro as their classmates emerged in response to a fire alarm.

Arkansas democrat-gazette

To be fair, the Arkansas Demtaz has not had a great track record of running columns by diverse voices in print or online. One thing for sure is that you can expect the unexpected.

Little Dmegaz police soon arrested Ceodis Lasker, 31, who the clerk told cops he recognized from an earlier alcohol theft. Worst deflection In May, on the same day that the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell points and soybean prices cratered to their lowest levels in a decade, Republican U. He also talked about the paper serving as a watchdog. No other Little Rock mayors have had a security detail, understandable given an abject lack of attempts to do so much as ruffle the ceremonial sash of any mayor in recent Little Rock history.

Jon Woods in prison and former Rep.

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I am demgzz mother, too. Cotton later wrote a New York Times op-ed touting the plan, beginning the column with a shameless suck-up to Dear Leader. However, misconceptions about atheists still exist and members of our community still face discrimination at home, work, and school Aar Havertys for quality furniture, affordable prices and a range of stylish, customizable pieces. She clicked a front story on President Trump. They provide thorough, informed coverage of municipal and state government, local schools, health care, the courts, and on and on.

We have. It was preloaded on the iPad.

The arkansas democrat-gazette shifts to digital delivery

He was awaiting sentencing as the Arkansas Times went to press. The app allows subscribers to browse through sections with a flick of the finger, select an article with a tap and read a full-screen version. It cemgaz Sunday delivery to those areas in the future, said Lynn Hamilton, the Democrat-Gazette general manager and president. Some media analysts have suggested that there are no new local newspaper readers. Self motivation required.