Jun 27

Groom’s review

“Ok… here’s the thing -I want to do my wedding over again…as in I want that experience again and, honestly, it is due in large part to these guys. It was a no-brainer when I selected a band for my wedding in Wilmington..I had followed this band since the days when they had gone by a different name (two actually -that’s how much they played and how much music they had in them). They paid their dues just like all the good bands that eventually rise to the top -by playing in local bars and restaurants, first in Wilmington and then, once word spread, up and down the NC coast, as far as I can tell. During those years they NEVER disappointed and only seemed to get better, developing a soulfulness and an ability to connect with an audience that comes only from years of sloggin’ it out in the musical trenches, so to speak. It is something I guarantee a lot of the other bands on this list DO NOT HAVE! Way before the time my wedding rolled around they had become a well-oiled machine in peak form. What I had been a little unsure of was how well they had made the transition to WEDDING band (though they still do the bar circuit I believe) Would they be able to cater to such a wider demographic? Would they know when/how to slow it down for the older folk? Would they be able to then still deliver the goods for the “rock n’ roll” types ( like myself and my wife) in attendance. Let me just say….they did it all. It was a perfect blend and there was not a SINGLE person that did not have an ABSOLUTE blast at my wedding. MY own father (a music lover) said it was THE BEST wedding he has ever been to in his entire life. Again, it has much to do with the total party that these guys were able to bring. It has not only to do with the ability these guys have to feel out their audience and gauge them so effectively, it also is a result of their WIDE range of musical genres that they can pull from. And trust me -they nail EVERY SINGLE ONE! When they do a Prince song -close your eyes and you will swear Prince is there on stage….What’s crazy is, in the next breath you can do the same thing weather it’s The Police, The Doobie Brothers, Michael Jackson, Elvis, Led Zeppelin, Madonna…even Ozzy Osbourne or Pantera (if you decide to go that route.) These guys are the consummate musicians… The word “virtuoso” gets thrown around a lot these days… In this case it ABSOLUTELY applies (singer is incredible, drummer top notch…guitarist is blistering…bass guy is just fun to watch -he’s that good…) And they could be snotty about it or be “too cool for school” . Nope..they are the humblest, most down-to-earth, friendly guys you ever want to meet, as well as true and courteous professionals from start to finish. There are all these little touches they add -too numerous to mention -you’ll see. At any rate, I literally could write all day about them (and it might appear as though I have), but I will leave with three final thoughts to sum up… They made my wedding truly one for the ages….They DO NOT disappoint…They deliver in EVERY respect.”